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Our Team

Aaron Parker

Interim Executive Director

Aaron Parker (He/Him) is a farmer and educator. He lives and works in Falmouth where he grows nursery stock and seeds, with a focus on unusual edible/medicinal plants and local ecotype native plants. Aaron was a founding board member and stepped into the role of director of Decrim Maine when the founding director stepped down.

Brulee Headshot.jpeg

Karin Odlin

Board Member

Cinnamon Brûlée

Board Member

Mx. Cinnamon Brûlée (she/her) is a leadership coach and alchemist transforming fear into innovation. Incorporating principles of neuroscience, art therapy, and integration to improve executive function and extinguish burnout. Mx. Brûlée holds a JD from Franklin Pierce Law Center (UNH) and specialized in People, Culture, and Human Capital for 20 years; most recently in Boston’s venture capital ecosystem supporting New Majority Entrepreneurs. 


Mx. Brûlée belongs to the Beloved Community of Burning Man artists living the 10 principles in the Grand Playa, creating participatory art experiences. “Beloved Community as an inclusive, interconnected world view grounded in love and justice, leading to individual and social transformation.” Shirley Strong. Creating space for synchrodestiny to happen and human life to flourish. 


Mx. Brûlée is a Certified Cannabis Harm Reduction Specialist, Psychedelic Integration Coach, and NeuroLeadership Informed. Come find your inner strength at my studio located humbly upon unceded land stewarded by the Wabanaki, "People of the Dawnland"  (known today as Portland Maine USA).

We deeply appreciate the contributions of our former board members: Sarah Farrugia, Tanya Dunn and Wendy Chapkis


Selma Holden

Board Member

Selma Holden is an integrative family physician with public health experience who offers legal psychedelic assisted psychotherapy with the use of ketamine in Portland, Maine.  Dr. Holden’s experience in treating people with mental health conditions, chronic pain, and substance use disorder raised her awareness of the traumatic histories we can share.  Recognizing the published evidence and personal effectiveness of psychedelic assisted therapy for treating trauma, Dr. Holden believes that criminalizing this therapy and drug use in general only compounds trauma.  She is dedicated to supporting the many paths towards recovery and health.

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